6 years ago

1914 Case Model O


CASE motor cars were first produced in Racine, Wis, from 1911-1927. The company took over the Pierce Motor Co. in 1910. This 1914 CASE Model "O", was their Flagship of the line, and not only is it an extremely rare classic, but one is seldom offered for sale outside the Auction circuit. With it's huge 334 cu in motor, only 421 units were made....and as of this writing, fewer than 4 survive... this is the only one in 100pt Mint condition. This "Complete 40" model has a vibrant history of ownership, progressive restorations and refinements for over 50yrs. The latest and most comprehensive upgrade restoration was finally completed in 2016. The entire car enjoyed new re-nickeling...leather, and hosted many new and rare accessory inclusions....i.e. Running board mounted Tool Chest, Battery Box, Nickel Horn, Pole mounted Nickel Spot-lamp, Paint enhancements with Pin- striping and wheel refinishing accents. The provenance and known history is well documented in the CASE club annals. Since it's final upgrade restoration...this classic has only appeared in public one time. At the Old Car Festival in Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan, I entered it into the competitive 1913-1918 Veteran class. It walked away with the Best in Class 1st place Blue Ribbon. Not a easy feat... some very Locomobile's and other Marques were competing. Nice endorsement of all the "Devil's in The Details", work that has been performed on this great automobile.


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