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Lot #729 - This early factory 23-window microbus is highly detailed, including the engine, and is finished in the original colors of Sealing Wax Red and Beige Gray with the original safari windshields. The blue-gray interior also has a correct mohair headliner. This optional two-pop-out-window bus features the correct spoon latches. It's also equipped with a European locking steering column, accessory full-circle horn ring and button and correct Firestone wide whitewall bias-ply tires with correct wheel trim rings. It's beautifully restored and includes a Certificate of Authenticity from the Volkswagen Museum in Hanover, Germany. Volkswagen designed the 23-window Sunroof Deluxe with Alpine sightseeing and mountain touring in mind, and this machine now stands ready for that mission. The bus is equipped with the 36hp version of the air-cooled flat 4-cylinder engine, which was remanufactured and restored. The Volkswagen has now traveled fewer than 450 miles since the restoration. The engine is backed up by a split-case 4-speed manual transmission with reduction gearbox. Four-corner drum brakes work with a rebuilt front beam and independent suspension for Alps-ready road-handling from the forward-control rear-engine van. The straightened body was painted into its original factory two-tone white-over-red paint scheme and fitted with a new fabric sunroof assembly. Safari split front windows open to deliver fresh air into the minimalist-yet-spacious gray-and-white cabin that was restored to 1959 specifications with period-correct interior panels, seat-cover materials and a German mohair headliner sourced by way of a marque specialist.


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