3 months ago

1965 Fiat Abarth 1000 TC Berlina


Now here is something you do not see ever day. A real ABARTH 1000TC 5M Competition Berlinetta! Not a replica, not a fake, not a clone, but a genuine original "real deal” bonafide ABARTH ordered, assembled and delivered new example! With the possible exception of a Shelby Cobra or GT350, there is likely no other more commonly replicated period GT automobile than ABARTH's giant killing, 1000TC. But wait… it gets even better… not only is this a genuine, original example, it is also one of the very few, fully documented from new examples built for and retained new as a Factory ABARTH & CIE Racing Team vehicle. From 1967 until 1969, the assigned driver was none other than Arturo Merzario who drove it at numerous events including the 4 Hours of Monza and several European Touring Car Championship races.

Despite both their diminutive size and price, most enthusiasts and collectors shy away from these fantastic Italian GT racers simply because it is nearly impossible to find an actual original example. When a real one does become available, the sale of such a machine is near instantaneous leaving those wanting one still waiting for a chance at the next. Here today is that rarified opportunity and I hope you, dear enthusiast, as such are paying attention!


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