3 months ago

1978 Mercedes Benz 300 CD


A beautiful little coup in excellent condition; no mechanical problems; Engine has had major tuneup recently including replacing glow-plugs. Has 94500 miles. a 4 cylinder diesel engine, automatic 4-speed transmission, and rear wheel drive. Exterior color is Gold/Palomino, and with the exception of some discoloration in paint; driver's side roof, above passenger window, there is no rust, dings or dents on the vehicle. Lastly, passenger door needs slight adjustment.

Interior: color is warm, brown, leather seats- both front and rear - are soft, and supple, and still retain that new leather aroma. There ar no cracks, scratches or stains. The only problem - which is easily fixed - is; that the turn signal handle does not lock into place when engaging the turn signal, although the signal itself does work properly. The vehicle has: Power windows, brakes, sunroof and steering. It also has a period Decker Mexico radio and power antenna, and A/C (climate control). It has new shocks -front and rear -, alternator, primer pump. There was also much detailing done.

We have not taken care of the minor repairs, mentioned above,because after having invested approximately $ 2800.00, i in a tuneup, parts and labor, those were things we would take care of at another time; not real pressing . But after a few months we realized we did not need two cars and could use the room in the one car garage for our primary vehicle, save on auto insurance, and decided to sell it. It has remained garaged ever since with only short periodic drives to keep oil seals moist and the engine in shape. We have many compliments about the car which my wife says is "a little honey" and will be sorry to see it go.


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