4 years ago

1989 Nissan Skyline GTR


The GTR needs no introduction. One of the greatest cars to ever come out of the Nissan factory, let alone once you start adding the proper aftermarket pieces. 1989 was the first year of the R32 and it made headlines both on and off the track. Our first-generation model was finished in arguably the best color of them all; Gun Gray Metallic (KH2.) The paint shows exceptionally well which leads us to believe that it was resprayed at some point in time. Overall the color looks fantastic and is free of any stone chips or clearcoat issues. Much the same can be said about the stock body, barring a door ding or two there's nothing of real concern to note. There have been a few subtle tweaks made to the exterior like the HKS Kansai side view mirror glass. The OEM N1 hood spoiler was added above the GTR's signature grill, and unlike many, it doesn't seem to have the waviness that many aftermarket ones tend to show. Continuing the theme a set of OEM N1 Headlights were also added. A full carbon fiber factory styled front lip adds an aggressive look, yet in a very subtle way. Until you're right up on it most don't even realize that it's not body-colored. Due to the Tien coilovers lowering the ride height the front lip has a few knicks. The clear coat is free of any spiderwebs from impact, however, there are some noticeable scuffs to the bottom half of it. While the stock wheels are good, the bronze 17" Volk TE-37s is an absolutely better choice. The color contrast on the iconic style really compliments the body color while adding a bit of performance to boot.


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