6 months ago

1994 Audi RS2 - Nogaro


The RS2 was built as a collaboration between Audi AG and Porsche and was the first of Audi’s legendary “RS” vehicles. The RS2 used the most powerful and well developed inline 5 cylinder turbo charged engine that had powered so many Quattro over the past 15 years. It firmly established Audi as a producer of practical high performance vehicles something that it excels at today.

Built only in estate form, just 180 RHD models were produced by Audi then assembled by Porsche at their Rossle-Bau plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany famous for the assembly of the Mercedes-Benz 500E and Porsche 959.

Like most of the car the engine was based on a a unit that Audi already produced however Porsche modified the engine till it produced 311bhp at 6,500. Coupled with the Quattro drive system the RS2 became a formidable weapon and could accelerate from 0-100Kph in 4.8 seconds. In an Autocar road test of the time it was timed from 0-30mph in less than 1.5seconds faster than a McLaren F1 and also a Formula one car of the time!

Along with the exceptional engine performance came Porsche designed braking and suspension systems replacing the standard Audi 80 equipment. A sports three spoke steering wheel and Recaro bucket seats available in full leather or a leather/suede combination.


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