5 years ago

2000 Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VT


It is at the dawn of the second millennium that Lamborghini signs the ultimate evolution of his supercar with the release of the VL 6.0L Diablo that completes the life of this iconic model very beautifully. The VT features up-to-date technology and a slightly redesigned design inspired by the achievements of the spectacular Diablo GT Limited Edition. The handling is impressive in part thanks to the VT "Viscous Traction" all-wheel drive system and the GT suspension with an enlarged front track, a stiffened chassis, but also the debauchery of aluminum, magnesium and fiber of carbon used for the manufacture of this racing car.

Inside, several improvements are observed in terms of finish and ergonomics: the driver's seat was moved to the central tunnel, putting the driver a little more in the axis of the pedal. As on the Diablo GT, carbon is also much more present in the cockpit as well as the large amount of leather and Alcantara. The entire instrument cluster has been redesigned. Motorized side, the Bizzarrini V12 delivers 550 hp allowing it to cross 100 km / h in less than 3.95 seconds and reach 335 km / h in top speed. Thanks to the variable intake, torque is available at low speeds. The driving is less brutal and softened compared to previous models. Unsurprisingly, the VT 6.0 retains the 5-speed gearbox and all-wheel drive.

The model that we propose is very rare in this livery Bleu Le Mans, its history is limpid. With only two owners, this car is in exceptional condition. Always followed and maintained, it has a large invoice file and its original maintenance booklet, notes and original covers to protect the body, seats or the steering wheel.


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