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2005 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 2dr Cpe


Developed for 2005 as the replacement for Ferrari's almost 12 year old 456M, Pininfarina sculpted this grand touring 2+2 coupe. It bears the name of Sergio Scaglietti, one of Ferrari's first coachbuilders and a master aluminum fabricator. Appropriately, the 612 Scaglietti represents the first V12 Ferrari to employ an aluminum spaceframe and body. As a result, the 612 body, Ferrari's largest automobile, tips the scales 132 pounds lighter with a 60% increase in structural rigidity over the smaller 456M.

In keeping with Ferrari's decision to restrain build and distribution costs, it saved the expense of developing a new engine for the Scaglietti by adopting the 575M Maranello's V12. The all-aluminum, 48-valve, 5.75-liter, drive by wire V12 spins out 532-hp with a 7,600 rpm fuel cut off. Ferrari gives 4.1 seconds for the 0-60 romp with a claimed top speed of 199 mph.

There are two transmission choices, a six-speed manual, and the overwhelming favorite (90% of Scaglietti owners), the F1 style sequential semi-automatic, paddle shifted six-speed, which includes a fully automatic mode.

The larger size of the Scaglietti provides for more interior space. With a deep windshield and low dash, the interior design is simple and spacious. The front seats hold and support driver and passenger, while the rear bucket seats can hold two adults, splayed-kneed only.

Handling is pure Ferrari. This largest Ferrari exhibits the agility and poise of a much smaller sports car. Steering, cornering, braking, and ride quality befitting a sports car result from Ferrari's engineering formula of mid-front engine placement. The V12 sits behind the front axle achieving an overall 46/54% front/rear balance.

The 612 Scaglietti was a classic grand tourer the day it rolled out of the Ferrari factory. However, for most of us it would take a lottery win to afford such a classic.


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