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Armored (Ballistic/Gun) Bulletproof SUV


$40,000. This late model Toyota LandCruiser has the RhinoPak system, a one-way bulletproof RhinoGlass NIJ Level III tested materials, which means this vehicle is designed to protect up to National Institute of Ballistic Standards- NIJ018.01 - Level III. The installer said the doors are equipped with the equivalent in thickness to a Dyneema™ composite that would be used to protect to NIJ level III. The RhinoPak is a field expedient armoring solution that protects occupants primarily from direct fire weapons and smaller explosions. It is a lightweight aftermarket retrofit package so this vehicle has a faster and easier mobility than similar bulletproof retrofits. Engine and transmission recently overhauled, new tires. Clean title, Florida registration. Private seller.

Comes with Letter of authenticity from the manager of the company which installed the RhinoPak. Company owner recently died... vehicle was purchased at liquidation. Comparable armored kits run $70,000++

The actual installation of the RhinoPak kit on this vehicle is featured in this YouTube video published by the company (TheArmourGroup) which installed it: Watch video from 2:02-3:32 to see this exact vehicle being outfitted at their factory.


About the 1991 Toyota Land Cruiser- a search on the internet shows the 1991 Land Cruiser came in one trim level, a 4 wheel drive, 4 door SUV. Engine: 4.0-liter, 155 horsepower, 6 cylinder. Only available transmission was a 4 speed auto.

*Information stated as was told to owner at purchase.

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has any vehicle looked more like a target?

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actually the letters are removable