If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly surfing the web for cool cars, oddities, exotics, racecars, and great deals. Often the best examples are found in obscure forums or small dealers - places not many people visit. When you find something that’s interesting (not your Mom’s ’87 Camry), SUBMIT a link!


Generally speaking, our community likes:
  1. Interesting cars. Sure, a Ferrari 430 is interesting to some, but you can find 20 examples on eBay any given day. Our community appreciates rare, difficult to find cars, cars with interesting (tasteful) modifications, and cars with interesting history.
  2. Classics - who doesn’t appreciate a lovingly restored classic with a good story? Or how about a barn-find, ready for its next caretaker?
  3. Exotics - again, unique is key here!
  4. Race cars - cool cars that have seen some action! Provenance helps.
  5. Great listings with great photos - sometimes a boring car can be in a great listing - good photography and writing are appreciated!
  6. Generally it’s best not to mention if it’s your car, or a sob story about how you’re raising money for Great Aunt Edna’s goiter pills. Let the car and listing speak for itself.
  1. PassionList is not a place to host or place an ad. Submissions must be a link to an external site showing a car currently for sale or auction.
  2. Submissions should point to an individual car or collection, not simply a link to a dealer or aggregator page.
  3. Don’t flood us with submissions promoting your site.
  4. If it’s spam or looks like spam it’ll get nuked.
As anyone who’s been on the Internet knows, the comment section can be an interesting place to be. At PassionList we strive to keep things civil and useful. Please follow the rules; comments that don’t will be deleted.
  1. Be civil.
  2. Don't say things you wouldn't say in a face-to-face conversation. Everyone at PassionList is entitled to an opinion, even if you don’t agree with it. Criticisms of the character, taste, or general nature of other readers is not allowed.
  3. Be constructive instead of just negative.
  4. It’s easy to say something is ugly or stupid, and sometimes it’s even warranted. It’s harder and more valuable to say how you might improve it. Anyone can say a car sucks; real value is added when you can specify what is wrong and how it might be fixed.
  5. No buying or selling of cars is allowed in the comments section
  6. If you’re going to comment on a price, please offer a few data points to back-up your claim. Prices are relative and subjective.
  7. If it’s spam or looks like spam it’ll get nuked.