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1988 Lancia Thema 8.32


1988 Lancia Thema 8.32

Ferrari V8 Powered Executive Sedan ... fresh engine-out service, fully sorted, professionally restored and mechanically A1. Truly cherry.

Rare and remarkable Ferrari V8 powered executive saloon. The car being offered for sale was recently discovered by our team in Italy and has undergone a full mechanical restoration and a thorough cosmetic refresh, inside and out in the last six months. We have just imported the car and all paperwork is in order.

We started with a very original, low mileage example in very good overall condition. Front subframe and engine were removed for a complete engine out service and rebuild. The Ferrari V8 received a full valve job, new rings, new flywheel, new clutch and fully refreshed ignition and fuel injection systems. The engine, cover and manifolds were refinished in the original colors and finishes. Driveshafts and drive system serviced and refreshed. Engine compartment cleaned and detailed prior to engine reinstallation. New full exhaust system installed.

Exterior panels were refinished in original factory shade of metallic red. Double clear coat laid over the metallic burgundy finish and hand sanded to a high luster. Bumper covers repainted. The undercarriage is rust and damage free, undercoating has been refreshed as required. Wheels have been cleaned, inspected and refreshed, fitted with period correct tires all around with 75% tread depth remaining. Comes with a second set of new, period correct tires.

The original plush Alcantara interior has been meticulously cleaned and detailed, including a refresh and refit of the unique headliner. Seats, dash and carpeting are now in superb, original condition. Trunk linings have been removed, cleaned and reinstalled. Various interior trim pieces renewed, all interior lights, switches and electronics checked and redone as necessary. Retractable rear spoiler is fully functional and fitted with new, unique seals.

The engine starts readily, runs very strong, idles nicely, and shows Ferrari power and grace under acceleration. The car sounds fantastic with the expected Ferrari V8 edge to the well muffled tone. Gearbox shifts cleanly and smoothly, new clutch engages progressively and the entire drivetrain shows the level of sophistication expected of an executive car. Handling is crisp and accurate with a reassuring stability. Torque steer is well controlled by the advanced front end geometry and suspension design.

All details have been professionally attended to and this car is fully sorted and ready to enjoy. Rare, intelligent, sophisticated and refined the Lancia Thema 8.32 is a very special motorcar.

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They've been trying to sell this for a while. I would love to build a 164 with that engine.