6 years ago

1936 Divco-Twin Helms Bakery Delivery truck


Shown here is a delightful example of one of America's most recognizable delivery vehicles, The 1936 Divco-Twin Helms Bakery Delivery truck. Formerly operated by Helms Bakery of Southern California, which was located in Culver City and used to deliver fresh baked goods to households and neighborhoods from the 1930's to the 1950's within a 15 square mile radius of the bakery. This Divco-Twin is powered by its original 47 horsepower Hercules L-Head four cylinder engine and Warner four speed manual transmission that could actually keep up with city traffic in its day. The exterior of the vehicle is shown in the Helms Bakery livery which consists of the correct pale yellow paint color with blue striping and matching painted roof. The headlights, taillights as well as an interior dome light is all powered through the 6-volt battery system with generator and are in working order. The inside features wood cabinetry with glass inserts in the faces for viewing the product inside, locking drawers and chalk board for specials of the day which are in very nice condition. The interior also features the original "tweet-tweet" "pie-tin" whistle with bellows and armature, pivoting seat for easy access in and out of the truck, as well as an oil pressure gauge, Stewart Warner battery voltage gauge and speedometer. The Helms truck rides on front and rear leaf springs with 2 piece 18 inch steel wheels wrapped in 7 inch tall with 1 inch gold striped wall nylon tires. The Divco is stopped by hydraulic drum brakes on all four corners and can handle nicely through its straight front axle and live rear axle. A surviving example of the Helms Bakery truck is special in itself, but what could be more fun than reliving childhood memories of experiencing your very first giant bear-claw from the back of a Helms truck? PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING


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