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Mini (ADO15), who was born in the world during the BMC (British Motor Company) era, was a collective company where BMC itself merged and integrated brands during the recession. There are also parts of the same mini that are a little confusing, such as minor differences in specifications and car names.

 The mini debuted in 1959. Initially sold as "Austin Seven" and "Morris Mini". After that, the model name was integrated into the name of “Mini” for both brands as “Austin Mini” and “Maurice Mini”. By the way, if you include for export, the name will increase further.

 In 1960, the station wagon version was also available. The model names were “Austin Mini Countryman” and “Maurice Mini Traveler”. This model has a cargo room with an extended mini wheelbase, a double-tailed tailgate, and a passenger-type countryman and traveler with a wooden frame at the rear of the body, as well as a commercial model that eliminates the rear window. “Mini Van” is also available as a van.

 This individual is an Austin-brand countryman, with a minor change in 1967, "Mark 2" equipped with an engine with a displacement of 998cc and a maximum output of 42ps.

 What should be noted is that the exterior of both the paint and wooden frame keeps the original condition beautifully. The owner has inherited an individual that has been carefully maintained by a single owner for 35 years, and the same love as the previous owner has been poured. The interior is refurbished according to the preference of the previous owner, but the finish is really natural. A countryman that can be used practically even in modern traffic situations, including the high degree of originality, it can be said that it is a really valuable one.


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