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2001 Ferrari 456


With heavy heart I am offering for sale my 2001 Ferrari 456 with desirable 6-speed manual transmission. The 456 is the final "gentleman's Ferrari", and one of the last analog, GPS-less, V12s made with a manual gear box. The car is simply incredible to drive, with genuiniely wild power at the top-end. The car is is very understated, and does not suffer from the "Ferrari tax" that plagues many of the more ostentatious cars. It will be noticed only by those you want to notice it – that is the charm of a real Ferrari grand tourer.

The 456 is really an elegant car, and this particular spec is exactly what you'd want – tour de france blue over tan, with single-color Daytona-style seats. And of course, no badges on the fenders.

Mileage is around 27k and the car is in absolutely pristine condition. I have maintained the car exceptionally carefully over the few years I have owned it, and the car just (literally this week) went through a major overhaul including belts. The tires have less than 1500 miles on them, and the car is currently with a Tubi X exhaust but OEM exhaust will be included. All interior sticky bits taken care of the right way, no dashboard stretch, perfect window fit, and all those little things that go wrong with 90s Ferraris have already been taken care of.

I believe in the future of this car, and would keep it if I could, but something big came in and must do a little resource re-allocation. I am an enthusiast and would really like this car to go to someone that will continue to take care of it with the same attention to detail I have – it is a special car.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. The car is located in the NY area.

Price: $125,000

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I.....I kinda want this.