4 years ago

1995 993 RS 4.0 For Sale


Description: This is not your ordinary 993, what started out as a Canadian Delivered car back in 1995, has turned into my interpretation of what a 993 RS could be, with some modern twists. This is not a garage queen, it has spent most of its life as a track car, comprehensively maintained and constantly upgraded.

To replicate this today would cost in the vicinity of us$150,000, it would not be for the faint of heart or wallet.

The upgrades have always been at the pursuit of performance gains, ease of maintenance, always focusing on function over form, though form has improved as well ?.

The engine build was featured in Excellence magazine starting in November of 2013, chronicling the build the decisions and the final result.

I have thousands of photo's and videos of the car those interested will be provided a link to view.

Price us$75,000

Please contact via PM.

THE DETAILS: 1995 993 Carrera 2, Fully Built 4.0 L Engine with ITB's, 993 RS Optics with 993 GT2 Front Splitter. Big brakes, monoball suspension, Full Mater Roll Cage, OMP carbon/Kevlar racing seats +++


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